The versatility of Ekstro in optimizing spaces

Each Mycore product is born from a constant analysis of the market, with the aim of anticipating customer requests through innovative technical solutions.

This is how Ekstro was designed, a suspension roller blind light and minimal in style, which easily adapts to any environment and which responds to various needs such as improving privacy, acoustic comfort, and space organization. Installation is also very easy and the versatile surface can be used to project videos.


Quick and easy installation

Ekstro was created as a roller blind free from the architectural constraints of the environment in which it is inserted thanks to the ceiling installation that uses thin and resistant steel cables.

Installing Ekstro is quick and easy: all you need are two holes in the ceiling (even if inclined or with exposed beams), and the version with built-in long-life rechargeable battery motor needs no connection to the electricity mains.


Impeccable management of light and spaces: maximum privacy and acoustic comfort

Ekstro is a light and refined roller blind which, in its main function of managing ambient light, can be installed both in front of windows facing the outside and anywhere else in the room, even between two desks.

The model allows, thanks to its simple opaque sheet, to separate the spaces intended for different uses, to improve privacy and acoustic comfort.

For example, it can be useful to delimit the waiting room area of a professional practice from the office area or to create corners dedicated to informal meetings, or even to set up a workstation for remote working.

In addition to that, the sheet can, if necessary, be completely rewound, thus restoring the initial appearance of the room.


Immersive Experience: A perfect way to project video content

With a sheet especially designed to project video content, Ekstro becomes an excellent ally for company presentations or even simply when you want to watch a movie or a TV show. You can set up the screen in any location in a room, even on a table or in front of a window.

The Ekstro sheet features an adjustable height which adapts to both the 16:9 and 4:3 projection format, and always remains taut thanks to a special longitudinal bar (with drop section) positioned on the lower side, which prevents the formation of side or central folds (a typical problem of cheaper projection screens).



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