Mycore: the best the roller blind market can offer

Design, quality and strong contemporary character: roller blinds for interiors according to Mycore.

Mycore designs and entirely manufactures in Italy roller blinds for interiors, whose exclusive design and strong contemporary character combined with the use of noble materials such as aluminum processed from single blocks, made the Company as a sector quality leader.


Flexible customized solutions: Roller blinds adapt to most varied aesthetic and architectural requirements

Wall, ceiling and suspended installations; curved walls, sloping ceilings, angles, challenging architectural configurations: Mycore roller blinds for interiors place no boundaries to satisfy custom requests and when they go beyond all expectations, the Company is able to develop new dedicated solutions.
With a team of state-of-the-art designers and its own in-house workshop, Mycore takes care of every detail: from surveying to the study phase, to roller blind production and installation.


The most rigorous Made in Italy, made of quality materials, precision workmanship and accurate design

Today, Mycore represents Made-in-Italy excellence. The Company marries technical and aesthetic expertise, constantly invests in research and innovation, and designs and manufactures roller blinds in Italy to guarantee products of absolute quality, reliability and durability.

The starting point of each Mycore blind is the analysis of the needs and specific features of the room where the blinds will be installed. Based on these factors, a one-of-a-kind final product is made, exclusive and fully personalised, in which every tiny little detail is taken care of.


Roller blinds for interiors become furnishing elements

Finespin, Mycore’s main roller blind support system, is an innovative product designed to transform the concept of the roller blind for interiors into a furnishing element that integrates perfectly with contemporary design solutions.
Having its Flexible model received an Honor Citation at the ADI’s Compasso d’Oro industrial design award, Finespin is an exclusive product, able to marry technical and aesthetic elements, to address discrete architectural solutions with specially designed and patented accessories.

Home Automation

Programmable and remotely manageable scenarios

Mycore has developed a dedicated home automation system that can be managed from the touch screen control panel or connected via app to iOS and Android mobile devices. Through Finelink, it will be possible to define customized settings, programming them on a daily and weekly basis or modifying them, including from a Smartphone, if needed.

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