Every project is a new story to tell: roller blinds made just for you

Over the years, Mycore has managed to transform the projects it created for customers into a precious resource, useful when devising new models to include in its product offer, combining aesthetics to functional and technical elements.

Here are some aspects on which Mycore has worked to give voice to different needs: versatility, energy efficiency, and technology.

Versatility: the easy-to-adapt Mycore roller blinds

In buildings and homes with sophisticated and articulated architectural elements, managing light and protecting privacy must be carried out through intelligent and effective solutions, which adapt easily to the spaces.

Here are some proposals by Mycore:

  • curved walls and uneven ceilings: Flexy Wall, equipped with adjustable supports, allows you to install roller blinds even where the walls of the room do not follow straight lines; Flexi Top, thanks also to a telescopic support, compensates for any slight unevenness of the ceiling, keeping the profile of the blind always horizontal.
  • corner windows: the Phantom Angle corner system model reduces the light gap between two sheets, thus improving environmental comfort and privacy.
  • content projection: the Swing line, thanks to the hanging roller blind system, is often chosen in the contract sector to project presentations and other content.

Energy efficiency: a vocation to be green

In the interior design sector, there is growing demand for products with a positive impact on a building’s energy efficiency thanks also to the related tax breaks.

Mycore has sheets available in its range that, installed on its roller blind systems, improve the ability to shield solar thermal energy, saving energy in air-conditioned environments. Indeed, lighter coloured sheets, if combined with suitably performing glass, can contribute to reach a value of “g tot”, the reference technical indicator, lower than 0.35, a necessary condition to request the 50% tax deductions provided for by the current legislation (paragraph 345 of article 1, Italian Law 296/2006) for the purchase and installation of solar shading.

Technology: the smart roller blind

Interacting with the world around us via smartphone has now become the rule rather than the exception.
Through the home automation apps, Mycore allows you to control your roller blinds directly from your mobile device.

The various functions include scenarios, controls that move one or more sheets together to the desired height: for example, you can set it to lower all the blinds when you leave the house, even automatically, at a certain time.

Managing ambient light, privacy and security becomes easier and faster.

These shown are just some ad hoc solutions proposed by Mycore to meet customer requests, creating customized roller blinds.
The company continues to evolve every day, experimenting with new materials, technologies, and mechanisms thanks to a team of cutting-edge designers and its own internal processing laboratory.

For more details you can contact the Mycore Sales Office:

+39 0432 782052
M. info@mycore.it

Fresh new in Mycore

19-05-2020 Mycore starts up again with a new product: Healthy Shield

Mycore starts up again. After several weeks of forced closure due to the health emergency that hit Italy and which forced the employees of the company from Italy’s Friuli region to work from home in remote working mode, the business has now resumed at full capacity and the headquarters have reopened.

11-11-2019 With a new project in Germany, we welcome Phantom Angle

The creation of a new product does not always arise from market research or from sitting down and brainstorming. Rather, sometimes it is enough to carry out a much simpler operation: listen to the needs of one’s customers, thanks to which it is possible to realize what products they really need. And it is indeed precisely in this way that the angular version of the Phantom roller blind was developed.