Roller blinds with battery-operated engine: here is the new offer by Mycore

Mycore is a company that has always given the same attention to both the esthetic and the functional aspect of its products.

This is why it has experimented with a new type of engine, in order to offer its customers an option that was both more practical and more visually discreet.

It is with that in mind that this company from Friuli presents the new battery-operated engines with radiofrequency technology and remote control.


Roller blinds with battery-operated engine: all the pros.

Why choose roller blinds with a battery-operated engine? There are only pros, no cons:

  • Roller blinds with a battery-operated engine can be installed everywhere as they need no set up for cables or wiring. This means there is no need to bore holes in your walls.
  • A battery-operated engine is also the perfect solution if you want to position your roller blinds in different points of the ceiling to divide the room in different areas and even to create projection screens. A battery-operated engine is also ideal for suspended systems like Ekstro and Okkò.
  • From an esthetic point of view, they are better as they blend in with the room they are installed in: there are no cables or wires in sight, differently from roller blinds operated by traditional engines.
  • No need to call your electrician when installing them!


Battery-operated engine: passing the exam with flying colours for practicality and elegance.

The battery-operated engine is completely invisible as the battery is hidden inside the roller blind. An external socket allows you to recharge it via a regular charger, similar to that you use for your smartphone. There is no external container for the batteries.


Technical details: everything you need to know.

Quick installation, with no wiring or cables. Silent engine that slows down the rollup of the blind towards the end.
6-month duration of the battery after recharging. Compatible even with large blinds (max 2,500 x 3,000 mm).

Want to try it? For more information or to place an order, contact Mycore’s sales office:

T. +39 0432 782052

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