Prevention is the key.

Mycore introduces Healthy Shield, the new protective screen for a safe restart.

Offices and commercial activities will gradually reopen, but in order to protect the health of employees and customers they will have to follow some new health regulations.

To meet these new needs, Mycore has designed and developed an innovative project: Healthy Shield, an anti-drop screen for commercial activities, offices, restaurants, factories, transport industry that need prevention.

Healthy Shield creates a soft transparent barrier between people and can easily be positioned between desks in offices, along production lines in factories, over shop countertops or in restaurants dining rooms through a simple suspension kit with transparent cables.

Product description

The screen is made of a soft TPU screen, on which two aluminum counterbalance bars are mounted in silver anodized gray or white painted RAL9010 finish.

The system is equipped with two thin transparent nylon cables to hang the screen to the ceiling.

Healthy Shield innovation

Currently on the market there are already several plexiglass barriers as health and safety prevention.

Healthy Shield, however, unlike the classic transparent plexiglass panels with fixed support, has an added value: being suspended and made of soft material it can be easily moved to be cleaned and sanitized simply y using a microfibre cloth and a mixed solution of water and alcohol. In addition, you can easily create a space between the lower edge of the counterbalance bar and the worktop.

Healthy Shield can also be positioned where there are no support surfaces (for example, on the side of the desks).

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