Ninety quaver wall roller blinds for the CNR-University of Bologna research centre

Almost one thousand square meters of fabric for the roller blinds of the new Urban Center complex – Navile Area – that will host some departments of the University of Bologna. This is the latest project in which Mycore is a key player.

The company supplied more than 90 Quaver Wall roller blinds that are C/42 chain-operated and made of black fireproof shielding fabric for the new facilities of some faculties of the University of Bologna.

The project involved made-to-measure blind widths and heights. The blinds will be used in different types of settings such as university offices, libraries, laboratories and classrooms.

The initial difficulties of the project, which required special shielding and involved very large glazing panels, were easily solved after talking to architect Anna Vecchi, the technical expert of the Alma Mater Studiorum. The most suitable model and fabric were chosen to screen sunlight and to reduce light reflection. Simultaneously, the Mycore engineers worked so that blinds could be easily operated and fabrics could be kept perfectly flat.

The project of the new Lungo Navile Park and University Centre complex, sponsored by the University of Bologna and designed by Raffaele Panella, was started in 2015 and is expected to be concluded at the beginning of 2018. The project includes building the new CNR-University of Bologna Research Centre, regenerating the former fruit and vegetable market, and building cycleways and pedestrian paths along the green areas.

Mycore was chosen to be a supplier to this project due to the high technical performance and the design of its roller blinds that can perfectly interpret contemporary environments.

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