De Padova-Boffi showroom opened. Mycore, one of its partners.

Last 28th October the exclusive De Padova-Boffi showroom opened on Via Santa Cecilia in Milan. This space-store emerges as the summit of the best modern Italian design. And Mycore is one of its partners.

The evening of the opening was a unique event to which a carefully selected group of one thousand architectsbuyersinterior designersand important journalists expert on architecture and Italian design was invited.

After the morning press day exclusive for Italian and international media, the De Padova-Boffi showroom was opened to professionals and visitors at 7 pm. The firm’s innovative concept was presented that “does not leave the past aside but it is opened to new relations and dynamics”.

Inside the De Padova-Boffi showroom designed by Piero Lissone, the De Padova products, a leading brand in Italian design, are integrated and displayed together with products by Boffi, one of the most prestigious Made-in-Italy interior design brands.

Both companies decided to choose some partners among the top companies of modern design. The store is enriched by carpets, works of art, tiles, marble and, of course, Mycore roller blinds, recognised as a prime quality product in the sector.

“We have chosen- De Padova explains- some of the best players among art galleries, companies that are leaders in their sectors, professionals that stand out in their areas of expertise, for each service, material and objects proposed”.

The distinctive style of the space makes full use of the tradition, good taste and experience of De Padova.

Fresh new in Mycore

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