The first angular integrated roller blind for hidden installations

The angular roller blind created for those who want clean-cut design and styling without renouncing to high performances.

Mycore, with this last project, sets out to provide an answer to this requirement launching the first angular integrated roller blind for hidden installation.

This new and exclusive project enriches the Groove Collection re-proposing its distinguishing aesthetic minimalism and visual essentiality.

In addition to the clean styling and refined elegance, the recessed roller blind offers also the advantage of being able to be installed when the window opening is flush with the ceiling and there is no possibilities of fixing any other type of shades.

Even this further development of Groove system is the result of the continuous and intensive technological research of Mycore technical department that, in collaboration with architects and interior designers, developed an innovative solution to ensure an optimum coverage of angular windows.

A structured and technically complex project created an exclusive system, provided with a specific shell, reinforcing profiles and innovative adjustment devices, that allows the overcoming of problems related to the structural capacity and alignment of the casings.

The result is a perfect anchorage with a slight distance between fabrics.

The angular integrated roller blind can be moved by chain or motorized, operated through a wall push-button controller or a remote control.

It is also available the silence version equipped with engines of the latest generation, suitable for reducing vibrations typical of plasterboard ceilings.

Fresh new in Mycore

19-05-2020 Mycore está de regreso con un nuevo producto: Healthy Shield

Mycore está de regreso. Tras varias semanas de cierre forzoso debido a la emergencia sanitaria que ha azotado al país y que ha obligado a los empleados de la empresa friulana a trabajar en modalidad de teletrabajo desde su casa, la actividad se reanuda plenamente y la sede vuelve a abrir sus puertas.

12-11-2019 Con un nuevo proyecto en Alemania, damos la bienvenida a Phantom angular

La creación de un nuevo producto no siempre nace de investigaciones de mercado o de un diseño estudiado en el plano teórico, a veces es suficiente realizar una operación muy simple: escuchar las exigencias de los propios clientes y gracias a ellos poder captar los productos que realmente necesitan. Y fue justamente así que ha sido desarrollada la versión angular de la cortina enrollable Phantom.

10-07-2018 Architonic recibe a las cortinas enrollables Mycore

Mycore ha conquistado un espacio entre las exclusivas marcas presentes en el portal Architonic.
La tecnología avanzada de las cortinas enrollables Mycore ha sido apreciada por el equipo de Architonic AG que se ocupa de seleccionar las marcas para su famoso portal, nacido con el objetivo de valorizar todos los aspectos de la decoración.

29-05-2017 Mycore Agent Meeting: a friendly event full of news

The Mycore agents gathered in Friuli to share technical and business information on products. It was a two-day meeting packed with commitments and news that also included moments dedicated to sharing values and experiences.