The new Mycore site to configure your roller blind solution

The new Mycore site is online, full of information and details for architects and designers, retailers and private individuals interested in the customized roller blind world.


A wide range of perfectly searchable products

The site offers a complete overview of products, ranging from the type of installation (wall, ceiling or suspension) and support, to a variety of handling solutions (chain, motor, remote controlled), in addition to a rich collection of fabrics, broken down by features (darkening, filtering, black-out).


A configurator to choose your own roller blind.

The new site guides users in choosing the type of support and fabric that best suit their needs, both on the technical and aesthetic fronts.
A configurator allows customers selecting the elements of their blind, including light-filtering options and colours, also verifying its appearance within a specific environment.
In this way, it will be much easier, even for the end user, to imagine the aesthetic yield of the blind installed at home. Likewise, the configurator will be a useful tool to communicate with customers for project and interior designers or retailers.


A diversified support for architects, retailers and customers

The site has been designed to provide concrete support; for this reason, it dedicates diversified pages to designers, retailers and customers: each one aims to provide a response to discrete needs, guiding users in the evaluation and choice of roller blinds.

Fresh new in Mycore

12-10-2018 Los nuevos tejidos para cortinas de Mycore

El amplio abanico de tejidos para cortinas enrollables Mycore se enriquece con nuevos modelos exclusivos. Las propuestas para 2018 siguen una corriente cercana a las últimas tendencias, marcando una diferencia con el estilo técnico de aquellas ya disponibles.

10-07-2018 Architonic recibe a las cortinas enrollables Mycore

Mycore ha conquistado un espacio entre las exclusivas marcas presentes en el portal Architonic.
La tecnología avanzada de las cortinas enrollables Mycore ha sido apreciada por el equipo de Architonic AG que se ocupa de seleccionar las marcas para su famoso portal, nacido con el objetivo de valorizar todos los aspectos de la decoración.

05-07-2017 Luxury shopping chooses Mycore roller blinds

Twenty-nine customized concealed roller blinds featuring the customer’s logo: it is one of the latest commissions completed by Mycore for an elegant boutique in Viareggio dedicated to luxury shopping.