Sound absorption certification for Mycore fabrics

Mycore roller blinds evolve, becoming an interior design key element in residential and contract settings, beyond their traditional functional role.
Indeed, if Mycore blinds rank at the top of their product category, it is because the company also pays particular attention to its cutting-edge engineering and the selection of fabrics with enhanced aesthetic appeal.
In support of its efforts, the Udine-based company recently certified the sound absorption features of some of its exclusive fabrics.

Sound absorption: statutory provisions governing certification

To ensure that models A 5131 – D 5194 – SP 5123 were indeed sound-absorbing, dedicated tests to measure sound reverberation were carried out in a sealed chamber. Tests were first carried out in an empty chamber, followed by a session conducted with fabrics stored therein.
In particular, the UNI EN ISO 354-2003 standard defines a specific method to measure, in a reverberation chamber, the sound absorption coefficient of wall or sound-absorbing materials, or of the equivalent absorption area of furniture, people or sound-absorbing surfaces.
The values obtained can then be used for comparison and design calculationto control noise and the acoustic features of a given environment.
The UNI EN ISO 11654:1998 standard, on the other hand, specifies a method which allows converting the sound absorption coefficient values related to the frequency of a single evaluation index.

Mycore fabrics: a rich and eclectic offer

Sound-absorbing fabrics are only a small part of the Mycore offer.
Indeed, the company, which is specialized in roller blinds, offers a wide range of solutions to meet different needs:darkening, covering or filtering roller blinds, fireproof fabrics, printable or magnetic fabrics or for video projections and much more.

Customers interested in learning more about our catalogue can visit a dedicated area of our intuitive site.

Fresh new in Mycore

12-10-2018 The new fabrics for Mycore blinds

The wide range of Mycore roller blind fabrics is now enhanced by new exclusive models. The 2018 proposals follow new trends, distancing themselves from the technical style of the traditional range.

10-07-2018 Architonic hosts Mycore roller blinds

Mycore has earned a space among the exclusive brands on the Architonic portal.
Indeed, the Architonic AG team, which selects brands to be included in its well-known portal born to enhance furnishing solutions, was impressed with the advanced technology of the Mycore roller blinds.