Mycore Agent Meeting: a friendly event full of news

The Mycore agents gathered in Friuli to share technical and business information on products. It was a two-day meeting packed with commitments and news that also included moments dedicated to sharing values and experiences.

Mycore Agent Meeting: the showroom is inaugurated

For the first time this year, the agent meeting was held at the new Mycore showroom in Collalto di Tarcento: the 200 m² showroom hosts the best in design roller blinds, with dozens of installations, supports and a wide range of fabrics.

Mycore and the philosophy of craftsmanship

Mycore agents did not remain at the Tarcento facilities the whole time: the company organised a series of appointments not only to expose agents to the best of the Friulian culture. It also wanted to take this chance to highlight and share some of the cornerstones of the Mycore business culture that are the result of other business experiences.

For instance, agents were hosted at Casa del Prosciutto, a small pearl in the San Daniele ham production. Mycore and Casa del Prosciutto share in common their care for highly careful and rigorous craftsmanship, final-customer focused and devoted to offering excellence.

More than just roller blinds: Villaverde hosted Mycore Agents

The agents stayed at the Villaverde Resort. The Mycore fabrics and solutions have been brilliantly used in this resort- but not only the company’s characteristic modern roller blinds, but also classic blinds made according to the precise requirements of both architect and customer.

Mycore: latest news

Besides sharing friendly moments, the agents attended the presentation of some of the most important novelties that will soon affect Mycore: from joint projects with prestigious designers and project directors to the new generation of automation systems for motor-driven roller blinds.

Fresh new in Mycore

19-05-2020 Mycore starts up again with a new product: Healthy Shield

Mycore starts up again. After several weeks of forced closure due to the health emergency that hit Italy and which forced the employees of the company from Italy’s Friuli region to work from home in remote working mode, the business has now resumed at full capacity and the headquarters have reopened.

11-11-2019 With a new project in Germany, we welcome Phantom Angle

The creation of a new product does not always arise from market research or from sitting down and brainstorming. Rather, sometimes it is enough to carry out a much simpler operation: listen to the needs of one’s customers, thanks to which it is possible to realize what products they really need. And it is indeed precisely in this way that the angular version of the Phantom roller blind was developed.

10-07-2018 Architonic hosts Mycore roller blinds

Mycore has earned a space among the exclusive brands on the Architonic portal.
Indeed, the Architonic AG team, which selects brands to be included in its well-known portal born to enhance furnishing solutions, was impressed with the advanced technology of the Mycore roller blinds.