For concealed roller blinds, light between sheets and brightness modulation are no longer a problem

Phantom, the concealed roller blind developed by Mycore proposes and is enhanced by two new solutions designed to meet the increasingly advanced demands of architects and designers.

The Phantom collection of concealed blinds.

The Phantom line, a Mycore project and exclusive patent, allows the concealed installation of blinds in any suspended ceiling, with a minimum clearance requirement of 15 cm.
The sheet is lowered through a very thin, barely visible slit and is operated by a motor with remote or wall-mounted control, and, once closed, disappears completely into its housing structure. The solution lends itself to interpreting the most rigorous requirements of minimalism and architectural essentiality, and offers an evocative visual effect increasingly appreciated by architects and interior designers.

With Phantom One on One, concealed roller blinds eliminate unsightly light bands between sheets.

The One on One model is the evolution of the Phantom project and skilfully addresses unsightly light bands between sheets, which are produced when several rollers are mounted side by side.
One on One relies on hooking systems on slightly staggered levels. In this way, sheets, once opened, slightly overlap, thus eliminating light bands and yielding an aesthetic effect of great linearity, continuity and compactness.

Phantom Double: overlapping filter and darkening roller blinds, also available in concealed version.

With this further evolution of Phantom, it is possible to overlap two different sheets, freely adjusting and modulating the level of light in interior environments. Through the ceiling slit and without adversely affecting aesthetics, you can either open only the light-filtering sheet, or only the light-blocking/darkening sheet, or even both, thus creating different scenarios.

A concealed roller blind with advanced features.

In line with the Mycore tradition, all concealed roller blinds of the Phantom series meet rigorous aesthetic and technical requirements and are studied in detail. The hooking systems allow easy access to the wrapping roller, e.g. to perform all routine maintenance or sheet replacement operations. The extruded aluminium roller is made to measure and produces mechanisms of exceptional solidity and perfection. The plaster-finished system cover completely blends with the ceiling, becoming part of it, thus preserving the aesthetic tone of the environment.

Fresh new in Mycore

12-10-2018 The new fabrics for Mycore blinds

The wide range of Mycore roller blind fabrics is now enhanced by new exclusive models. The 2018 proposals follow new trends, distancing themselves from the technical style of the traditional range.

10-07-2018 Architonic hosts Mycore roller blinds

Mycore has earned a space among the exclusive brands on the Architonic portal.
Indeed, the Architonic AG team, which selects brands to be included in its well-known portal born to enhance furnishing solutions, was impressed with the advanced technology of the Mycore roller blinds.