Finespin: safe and compliant roller blind

Mycore has always been committed to creating and developing high quality products and believes that safety is the priority.

Mycore is committed to producing systems in compliance with the current regulations and the highest quality and technical standards.

Over the last few years, some children have died from choking due to accidents caused by systems moved by cord and chain. A revision of the European regulation on safety standards for roller blinds for indoor use (EN 13120) was therefore warranted.
Sping-lifted and motorized systems eliminate the risk of strangulation since they remove the need for operating cords or chains.
For what concerns systems operated by chain Mycore provided them with a safety device that fix the chain to the wall or window frame securely preventing children from reaching it easily.
The tensioning system has been created to hold the chain that could form a loop, permanently taut so as to avoid any risk of accident.
Mycore redefined safety standards regarding the installation of roller blinds determining on a case-by-case basis the limitations on chain length with tensioning device.
Remains valid standard safety advice about moving beds, cots and furniture away from roller blind to improve the effectiveness of safety devices.

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