Tax deductions for mycore roller blinds: renewed at 65%

The tax deductions for roller blinds with solar protection have been renewed for the whole 2016.

Until December, 31st of this year you can purchase Mycore roller blinds taking advantage of the 65% tax allowances.

Thanks to their high shielding properties the Finespin technical interior blinds by Mycore in its different models- Swing, Bordering, Framing, Blocking, Simple, Sailing, Triable, Opera, Flexible, Hypnosys and Invisible- can be included in the ecobonus 2016 and their costs may be included for the tax deduction.

To benefit from the tax reduction, Mycore blinds are to meet the following requirements:

  • be fitted as a protection of a glazed surface and on the inside with respect to such surface:
  • be integral with the building envelope

To obtain the tax benefits you have to fill in the documentation on the ENEA portal submitting the following data:

  • Solar protection: technical blind
  • Type of protection: internal
  • Protection surface: width (QIM) x height (STM) expressed in millimetres in the Mycore documents
  • Gtot protection class: Performance limit not required, 0 (zero)
  • Material of the protection: fabric
  • Adjustment mechanism: manual (with a chain) or automatic (if a motor-driven solution is preferred).

The following months represent for those interested in acquiring and installing Mycore blinds the chance to deduct, within a few years, more than half of the money spent.

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Fresh new in Mycore

12-10-2018 Die neuen Rollostoffe von Mycore

Die große Bandbreite an Stoffen für Stoffrollos von Mycore wird um neue, exklusive Modelle erweitert. Die Angebote 2018 folgen den neuesten Trends und heben sich vom technischen Stil des bereits verfügbaren Sortiments ab.

10-07-2018 Architonic beherbergt die Stoffrollos Mycore

Mycore hat einen Platz zwischen den exklusiven Marken, die auf dem Portal Architonic angeboten werden, eingenommen.
Die fortschrittliche Technologie der Stoffrollos Mycore wird vom Team der Architonic AG, das sich um die Auswahl der Marken, die über das bekannte Portal angeboten werden, kümmert, geschätzt. Dieses Portal entstand, um alle Seiten der Einrichtung in Szene zu setzen.