Mycore interior roller blinds for a minimalist residential project

Interior roller blinds with a strong contemporary character and outstanding functionality: the couple could only choose Mycore’s Finespine system to dress a home for a couple with a marked minimalist taste.


The interior renovation project

The project envisaged the entire restructuring of a villa with utmost rationality and essence through the use of materials such as resin, glass and Corian™, using custom-made furniture and expertly measured aesthetic details.
In this context, Mycore’s interior roller blinds served both an aesthetic and pragmatic function, refining the features of the environment.


Interior roller blinds with impeccable look

The couple selected the blinds first and foremost for their aesthetic quality and support details (white Corian™ Dupont finishes matching the predominant colour in the room), and then for the quality of fabrics.

A choice that enhances the character of spaces, made up of straight and carved lines and essential elements, where even the decorations are perfectly balanced.


Interior roller blinds: to filter and shield

One of the priorities in choosing the blinds was that they would allow filtering sunlight, thus making the beautiful garden visible, and, if necessary, obscuring the room and shielding the interior view.
The objective was achieved using double roller blinds that would allow overlapping two sheets, letting customers have maximum freedom in choosing all available solutions.


Motorized interior roller blinds operated with an automated system

The selected roller blinds were motorized and, since this was a renovation project, it was possible to set up easily the cable outlets and cover the power supplies of motors in order to hide all cords.

The blinds are connected to Mycore’s Finelink automated system with a 7-inch screen installed on the wall and covered in Corian. Through the interface, it is possible to open and close the blinds (as needed), as well as operate lights, heating, irrigation and other appliances installed in the home.


Interior roller blinds with custom details

The entire design of the roller system was under the direct supervision of the Mycore technical office, which also took care of surveys, installation and testing, thus creating ad hoc products.

The result, while leaving essentially unaltered the home’s minimalist look, made the general ambiance warmer, cosier and more pleasant.

ph. Matteo Lavazza

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