Luxury shopping chooses Mycore roller blinds

Twenty-nine customized concealed roller blinds featuring the customer’s logo: it is one of the latest commissions completed by Mycore for an elegant boutique in Viareggio dedicated to luxury shopping.

The designer: a contractor of the fashion retail industry
Mycore was contacted by Fabbri Service, a general contractor specializing in the retail sector that has been partnering with the most prestigious brands of international fashion. For the design and supply of concealed roller blinds, Mycore teamed up with Architect Stolzuoli, who oversaw the entire project.

Mycore for concealed roller blinds
The Mycore blinds have been chosen, on the one side, for the absolute exclusivity of the product, and, on the other, for the technical superiority and wide possibilities of personalization they offer. The Mycore technical department constantly interfaced with the Architect, both during designing and production and until installation.

Choosing the Phantom roller blinds
Considering the strong urban and contemporary character of the setting, the contractor, in agreement with the customer, set his eyes on the Phantom model, a concealed roller blind solution totally integrated in the suspended ceiling, motor-driven and with counterweight and finishes in Ral 9010 white.

A personalized project for the concealed roller blinds
With its large windows, the room required minimizing the spacing between panels in the combined systems. For this reason, Mycore developed a customized system to meet this requirement, while still producing a support capable of ensuring balance and high technical performance.

Roller blinds with personalized fabric
Next, Mycore produced a customized fabric to meet the customer’s needs, in terms of colours, aesthetics and image: it features screen fabric with openness factor of 5%, in stone gray personalized with the customer’s logo.

Project, product, installation: the development of each Mycore project
At the end of the design phase, Mycore, specialized in the design and manufacture of 100% Made-in-Italy roller blinds, and quality leader in the industry at the international level, supplied and installed 29 Phantom rolls and about 200 square meters of fabric. Installation and support calibration were provided by Mycore personnel.

Fresh new in Mycore

12-11-2019 Mit einem neuen Projekt in Deutschland heißen wir Phantom Angle willkommen

Die Entwicklung eines neuen Produkts entspringt nicht immer Marktforschungen oder einer ausgefeilten Planung auf dem Reißbrett, manchmal reicht ein weit simplerer Akt aus: auf die Bedürfnisse der eigenen Kunden zu hören, dank derer es möglich ist, die Produkte, derer sie wirklich bedürfen, herauszufiltern. Und in der Tat ist genau so die Eck-Version des Stoffrollos Phantom entwickelt worden.

12-10-2018 Die neuen Rollostoffe von Mycore

Die große Bandbreite an Stoffen für Stoffrollos von Mycore wird um neue, exklusive Modelle erweitert. Die Angebote 2018 folgen den neuesten Trends und heben sich vom technischen Stil des bereits verfügbaren Sortiments ab.

10-07-2018 Architonic beherbergt die Stoffrollos Mycore

Mycore hat einen Platz zwischen den exklusiven Marken, die auf dem Portal Architonic angeboten werden, eingenommen.
Die fortschrittliche Technologie der Stoffrollos Mycore wird vom Team der Architonic AG, das sich um die Auswahl der Marken, die über das bekannte Portal angeboten werden, kümmert, geschätzt. Dieses Portal entstand, um alle Seiten der Einrichtung in Szene zu setzen.